Edward Elric Fanart + Top 10 FMA characters

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Hello there! So… giving a try to different coloring styles my past post and this one has the same kind.

This time I went through a maratón of Full Metal Achemist Brotherhood once again just because it’s an amazing story that always is gonna be in my top 10 of favorite animes ever (gonna make this list in the future).

Talking about this anime my favorite character is without a doubt Edward Elric… yep, coolest ever for me in this anime… I will admit that Roy Mustang and Greed/Ling can match also the description. Great anime with great story and great characters!!

So if I have to give my top 10 of favorite characters of FMA Brotherhood… It will be this up to my standards:

10. Scar

Even though the guy was a villain and killed many people at least half of the story, I find this an interesting character that is victim of many circumstances and that in the end managed to fight his own vengeance desires and his own values. He is also really strong!


9. May Chang

A super cute character that make my day every single time she hang on Alphonse and got jealous over him. She is a strong willed girl but also a very kind and honest one. Imposible no to like her and her adorable panda pet! She also has a strong Alkahestry and Martial art techniques!


8. Izumi Curtis

Super strong and awesome woman that is also very caring and intelligent. She has beat bears and is the best housewife ever! hahaha


7. Olivie Mira Armstrong

Another super strong woman, maybe not as strong physically as Izumi but very strong willed, ambitious and also caring (In her own way XD).


6. Alphonse Elric

A really kind and caring character. His problems are not light (having no body is a big personal issue for him), but despite of that as one of the main characters he is strong willed and very kind to everybody, is very intelligent and if you ask me more analytical than his brother in stressful and dangerous situations. He is a cats lover and is very strong!


5. Jean Havoc.

Even though he appears so few times during the anime I love his easy-going + wanting to be a hunk personality… he is apparently more worried to find a girlfriend than any other thing XD. But despite that he is a very skilled and strong militar (considering that he is not an alchemist), he is very loyal and honest one.


4. Riza Hawkeye

A lovely still strong woman, loyal to the end and very caring and kind to everyone she knows. She is also very intelligent and strict (Specially with Roy). p.d: I love her dog!


3. Roy Mustang

Strong, cool and awesome character, very caring and funny when given the time. Loyal and with very strong spirit, ambitions and will. Tempered and with pride is shown as one of the most deeply concerned characters about his close ones well being. Cool to the end and one of the strongest!


2. Greed/Ling Yao

Half villain and half Xing Prince. 100% Greed.. haha.. I simply can’t choose if I prefer Ling or Greed. Strong, skillful and awesome. These two characters share not just body but also my top 2!!


1. Edward Elric

Short tempered, lovely, cool and strong character that will do whatever posible to protect his loved ones! Extremely talented, skillful, strong willed and intelligent Ed is my favorite character ever of full metal Alchemist! Since he is the main character and the badass No. 1 of the series it’s no surprise!



So… finally the fanart …with all this experiments in coloring I hope it will help me find the style I feel more comfortable with so that in  the future I can define my art style! *practice mode*


The final artwork… you can also find it in deviantart … kisaswan.deviantart.com