Bakugou Fanart!

Boku no Hero Academia, Fanart

I worked this week in a fanart of Bakugou Katsuki… One of my favourite characters of the manga Boku no Hero Academia.

Not long ago I’ve started to read this manga and I must say more than anything I love the characters, in my concept this story is based in the characters, I must soon find another hot point in this story but mainly I think that the characters charisma is what make this manga so interesting.

As for my favourite characters there are two that I love

First… you know him for the topic of this post. Bakugou yey!!








Second… I don’t still know why… Maybe I find this character so cool as hell!! hahaha Tokoyami!!! ♥ (hahaha protecting his room from the visit of the girls) ok… no more spoiler for the ones that haven’t read the manga.


Well after my introduction and adoration segment to those awesome characters…. here the main stuff!

I decided this week to make a fanart of Bakugou and here the results, first of all I did the drawing on my lovely sketch book and here the result:


After that I made the lineart and everything else in Paint tool SAI! Awesome program if you ask me.. and is FREE!! Here the whole process and the final pic!



The final Artwork!! You can find it also in Deviantart.